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This site is a collection of various Laws of Universe, which govern our lives. The very fact that you have visited this site and are even now reading these secrets, is an indication of your ability and desire to lead a fuller, better, more richer life. The ancient principles laid down in this book will show you how. They are not man-made principles. They are tried and proven universal truths, handed down from father to son by the wisest people on earth since the beginning of time. The world's most successful men have used these principles which very gratifying results.

For instance did you know that Aristotle Onassis, one of the richest men in the world started his career with only a few dollars in his pocket? And that Andrew Carnegie one of the greatest steel magnates and philanthropists of all time was once an ordinary laborer? Well it is a fact there are hundreds of other people who have, knowingly or unknowingly used these ancient universal truths... all with truly phenomenal success. You may have heard of many of them, their names are almost household words. Like them, you too can achieve whatever you want out of life; whether its happiness, power, money, success, even material or spiritual progress.

One of the big problems today is that people accept those things are true which are not true at all. They believe them as true because they know no better, or because they have heard them coming from their parent's mouths, or from some other unimpeachable authority, and have never encountered other ideas to the contrary. Suffice it to say that many of the world's most successful people have believed in the principles laid down in this book. Thus if what you read in this website seems reasonable and if you can prove it to yourself through actual experience or experiment: accept it. It is probably the best thing you can ever do.

Much has been written and thought about the use of the mind. There are a number of books which tell you how to get rich or how to get well or how to win friends by using the power of the mind. The mind is truly a most wonderful thing. There is no doubt about it. But it is not easy for an average person to learn how to use the mind without knowing something about it first. And this is where all these books are insufficient. They are all asking you to swim without knowing anything about swimming at all. The secrets given in this website bring you access to the hidden knowledge. Once you succeed in mastering the principles of this knowledge, rest assured that only the greatest and most sublime experiences would await you.

I have personally used each and every principle on the website and the book and now leading a very happy and prosperous life.

Read this Website and Laws of Universe Book in detail, let it help you in every way. May you find the path of a richer, happier and more rewarding life through its law's. This my most earnest wish for you.


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The Universe and everything in it constitutes God. The universe is a gigantic human organism and man is a tiny image of it, a toy replica of God. A man can mystically expand extend his own being to cover the entire world and subject to its will.

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Countless centuries ago, when Greece was considered the epitome of philosophy and civilisation 'Gnothe Seuton' were inscribed in large letters over the entrance to the Athenian Temple. This literally means 'Know Thyself'.

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