Power of Lucky Charm


Power of Lucky Charm


Are charms really lucky? Do mascots and talismans really work? The answer is an unqualified yes - if you believe. It all depends entirely upon belief. It is because of the amount of belief that you have put into a particular object, the centralization of faith that makes your charm or mascot respond. Take the case of Donald Campbell, the record breaking water and land speed champion, who broke his own world records many times over. Campbell always took Woopit with him when he raced. Woppit being a small toy bear with brilliant green eyes and toes. The little bear was his lucky mascot. Then one day Campbell raced his new car without taking Woppit with him. It is common knowledge how Campbell crashed in very mysterious manner. In fact, he was lucky to survive the crash, though his car was total wreck. '

For the last so many centuries until just a few years back, all travelers to Tibet had been told that the great wealth and the power of the Tibetan families was attributed to a Talli charm that was reputedly so powerful it literally drew money to itself. It is said that the charm was guarded fiercely. Talli himself, the owner and the possessor of the charm, was immensely powerful and wealthy. An Indian Maharajah is even said to have offered millions for the original Talli charm, but was laughed to scorn. The ancients put great faith in charms and talismans. You can do the same with whatever charm or object you think is ' lucky ' for you. Endow the charm with power by means of your love and concentration and belief. Magnetize your charm or talisman with your own belief. A mascot or charm or talisman is something on which we in our faith. Because of this, it acts just like a point of concentration, the same principle used in hypnotism. In hypnotism, you are given central point to concentrate upon, and after a while, you are able to perform things which you could never have even dreamed of performing earlier. Mascots and Charms work in much the same fashion. They act as a focal point of concentration and it is a fact that they more your mind is centered on one particular spot, the more powerful does it become. Do you remember what was said in an earlier chapter on importance of meditation? Now that the power with which to infuse your charm has been explained to you, take the first opportunity to meditate on your charm. Take out your mascot or talisman and place it before or at the commencement of your meditation. Think of it with love and belief. Concentrate on it. Believe in what it can do and believe also in your power to magnetize it. The potentiality of the charm will be greatly increased by your concentration upon it. Don't merely put some trinket or charm on your pocket or around your neck and carelessly leave it to do the rest. Don’t say ' This is little charm is going to get everything I want' say instead, 'With this talisman I am going to get everything I want’. Of course you must believe in what you are saying. Think well upon the charm, whatever it may be. Hold it warmly in your grasp, keep it near to your heart and concentrate on it. You must be aware of the power of the charm at all times. This is of vital importance.

If possible, your clucky charm or talisman should be made of gold. In case you cannot afford gold just yet, then rolled gold could do. Because like attracts like, it is the law. Wear gold on yourself. Wear a rolled gold wrist watch for the present or a pair of gold cufflinks or a gold ring. If your ornaments are confined to silver or steel then that will be all you will attract. You must think in terms of gold to be able to draw gold to you. This is the most important thing with regard to getting rich. Again take a tip from the Marwari’s, their hands are laden with gold and diamonds and there is invariably a gold chain around their necks. No wonder they are so rich. You will always find a picture or a statue of the Goddess Lakshmi in their houses or in the office. They centre all their faith on this picture or statue or because of this the picture or statue responds and gives them all that they asked for. You can do the same.

In time, you will learn to laugh at all those people who scoff at you for being superstitious. You will have learned how to make your talisman or charm work unbelievable wonders for you. You will have learned how to use it. They won’t learn. That is the difference.

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