Laws of Attraction

Laws of Attraction

The law of attraction states like attracts like. This means your predominate thoughts will show up as people and experiences in your life.

Realize that, at your core, you are a creative being. You have the power to expand your knowledge and experiences on this planet simply because you are unique. Why not direct your creative power toward achieving the things you want in life?

When it comes to manifesting the relationships you desire, start by noticing what it is that makes you feel great when you are around other people. Take note of which people make you feel energized. Notice who makes you feel joyful and loved. Begin to look for ways that you can be that kind of person yourself.

Next, begin experiencing and visualizing what it would be like to have these types of people at your side. That's right, daydream! Within your visualization, create the feeling you will experience when the person you desire is right there with you.

Accept that it will take some time for the people you want in your life to find their way to you. Don't get discouraged. Don't give up. Allow the Law of Attraction to work for you. Trust that it is working for you. Go out and do things that make you feel good while keeping your eyes open. You will be thrilled with the opportunities that show up when you do.

Whether it is connecting with a romantic partner, creating closer relationships with family members, developing deeper friendships or even finding a teacher or mentor, you have the power to surround yourself with people who will most benefit your life. Not only can you attract anyone you desire, but you also have the ability to shape and mold those relationships into whatever you would like them to be.

In order for good things to happen to you, such as getting the love life you want, you must first feel good about yourself. It's time to let go of what's not working in your life. Eliminate what's bringing you down; stop putting up with the things you're tolerating in your life. Whatever doesn't feel good needs to be remedied. Creating a vacuum in your life allows the Law of Attraction to fill it with something better.

Yes, it really is a law, and a Universal Law, at that. It is there, ever-present and ever-working, whether we heed it or not. Since it’s a constant given, it would be to our benefit to know something about it so we can use it in our lives. If we don’t consciously use it, we will still be unconsciously using it – but perhaps, not with the same favorable results.

So what is this Law? How does it work? And most importantly, how can we use it for our own good?

You’ve heard (and even used) such clichés as birds of a feather flock together, and like attracts like. A cliché is something that has become overly familiar or commonplace, even trite or hackneyed, and usually is frowned upon in good writing. On the other hand, a cliché becomes a cliché because of the truth it embodies.

Why something attracts to itself something else that is similar has to do with the magnetic quality of the molecules of energy that comprise these two ‘somethings’. I don’t have enough space here to tell you exactly how that works , but it does work. The second statement that you will want to take on faith is one you already “feel” within you. And that is that we are physical extensions of a non-physical Energy known to us as God, Divine Power, Source Energy. We also believe that there is
nothing that is not God because we know that nothing exists outside of God – it couldn’t if God is all-powerful and ever-present. Therefore, we must be made up of the same Energy that is God/Universal, Divine Energy.

So, you wonder, “Does this mean that I am divine?” Absolutely! “Hmm, well,” you may say, “I don’t feel very divine.” That’s probably true, occasionally – or even rather often. So let’s take a look at why that may be so.

First, we must understand the nature of Divine Energy. It is:

1. All Good (there can’t be some good and some bad as they would cancel each other out).
2. Pure Joy (for thesame reason as number one).
3. Pure Love.
4. Pure Bliss.
5. Total Abundance (all forthe same reasons).

So, if Divine Energy (also called Source Energy since it’s That from which all else is derived) is Love, Joy, Bliss and Abundance, then we, by extension must also be Love, Joy, Bliss and Abundance. Only somewhere along the way we have lost touch with that awareness.

Life was never meant to be a struggle. According to Abraham in the powerful book, Ask and It Is Given, upon our choosing physical existence we said, “I will love pouring myself into this physical body, into physical time-space-reality, for that environment will cause me to focus the powerful Energy that is me into something more specific. And in the specifics of that focus, there will be powerful motion forward – and joy.” Physical Life is an extension of a Loving, Joyous, Blissful, Abundant, Non-Physical Energy and we took on physical form to experience this Life.

It is often said, in our bibles and other religious books, that we are created out of the Mind of God. The truth is that we are the Mind of God, and we do the creating – through our thoughts. That is, we think the thought and Source Energy does the rest. For many years I had a slogan taped to my refrigerator: If you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right! No matter what we think – we will have it – if we think it strongly enough, with enough emotion. Therefore, thoughts of fear, lack and ill-health hold as much power as thoughts of joy, bliss and abundance. We get what we think about.


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