Laws of universe is a portal which features various laws of universe which govern our life. This portal covers various aspects of our life like success, money, love, work, family and many more. The entire universe is governed by the Laws of the Universe. If you understand these laws your life will be much more meaninful and full of success and riches. Hope this portal helps all of you to achieve your dreams like I have managed to achieve mine by using these laws of the Universe.......

Laws of Universe

Gnothe Seuton

Power of Thought

Laws of Universe
Gnothe Seuton Power of Thought

The universe and everything in it constitutes God. The universe is a gigantic human organism and man is a tiny image of it, a toy replica of God. A man can mystically expand extend his own being to cover the entire world and subject to its will.

Countless centuries ago, when Greece was considered the epitome of philosophy and civilisation 'Gnothe Seuton' were inscribed in large letters over the entrance to the Athenian Temple. This literally means 'Know Thyself'.

This is first step towards controlling your destiny. The power of thought is possibly the greatest gift given to man. Miracles can be performed by the sheer power of thought alone. A powerful and decisive thought can change your life.

Power of Visualization

Power of Meditation

Power of Prayer

Power of Visualization Power of Meditation Power of Prayer

One of the quickest ways to bring out the power within yourself and to obtain anything you want, is to practice visualising what you want. Next to belief and definite positive thoughts, visualisation is the most powerful gift given to man for obtaining virtually anything on the material plane.

If you want to use the power of thought to its fullest potential, it is vital that you turn your thought inwards towards your subconcious mind. You must learn to think conciously apart from the brain. The brain, admittedly is the most wonderful and useful instrument. Meditation helps in peace of mind.

There is probably no religous practice so much universally accepted, yet so misunderstood as prayer. Doubtles, almost every person you meet will vouch for the power of prayer, he will relate instances wherein he had recieved an answer to his prayer. Power of prayer is of very high order.

Power of Energy

Law of Cycles

Secrets of Wealth

Power of Energy Law of Cycles Secrets of Wealth

The dictionary describes energy as 'the power by which anything acts effectively to move or change things or accomplish any results'. We live in a vast sea of vibrating energy and we draw off small quantities of this energy for our own use. Everything in this universe has energy in it.

Everything in the world is subject to Cyclic law. The earth revolves on its axis every 24 hours, creating day and night. It travels around the sun every 365 days resulting in the changing of seasons. By understanding law of cycles we can swim with the current rather than fight against it.

Some people possess what apprears to be 'the secret of money'. But it is no secret, really, once you have begun to understand and employ certain well-defined laws. However most people in the world find it hard to believe but once you understand these laws money will get attracted to you.

Power of Lucky Charm

Use of Telepathy

Fear of Being Afraid

Power of Lucky Charm Use of Telepathy Fear of Being Afraid

Are Charms really lucky ? Do mascots and talismans really work ? The answer is an unqualified yes - if you believe it. It all depends entirely on your belief. It is because of centralisation of faith that makes your charm or mascot respond. Lucky charms really help you be lucky.

You have probably many experience with telepathic contact, some which you recognized and some not. This is faculty inherent in all humans and required only attention and practice for its development. Telepathy will help you communicate through power of mind.

' Our doubts are our traitors '. Negative thoughts of poverty, sickness and limitations separate you from your electricity. Your light is thus obscured because you have disconnected yourself just like you would disconnect an electric bulb with a flick of the switch.

7 Laws of Universe

Laws of Healing

Laws of Attraction

7 laws of Universe Laws of Healing Laws of Attraction

Metaphysics is the right brain version of physics. Both physics and meta-physics are fields which endeavor to explore and understand how the world was created -- one with the left brain, one with the right. There are seven basic laws of Universe which govern a pern or a event. Once you understand these seven laws of universe then you will live in harmony with the Universe and everything will be to your beconing.

The chief cause of illness lies in the fact that the average person continually and repeatedly abuses his body. It is really amazing, therefore, that we are all as well as we are. Our automatic repair equipment is so efficient that we can often repeat a serious and damaging abuse for many years before we are finally forced to face the consequences in the form of a physical or mental breakdown.

The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest. But the Law of Attraction gives rise to some tough questions that donít seem to have good answers. I would say, however, that these problems arenít caused by the Law of Attraction itself but rather by the Law of Attraction as applied to objective reality.